One Day in Seoul / 어느날 갑자기 서울은
Rank: 29509th, it has 13 monthly / 864 total views.
Authors: Park chang-geun
Artists: Park chang-geun
Genres: Manhwa , Webtoon , Horror , Monsters , Romance , Survival , Thriller
Original language: Korean
Translated language: Indonesian
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2021
The terrible variation virus that suddenly hit Seoul one day! Yeon-u, who has been on a school trip to Seoul, is so singing about the idea that he can get acquainted with the same class soyon, who was usually unrequited love. Unidentified cells appeared in front of The Yeonwoo-ne Class while sightseeing in Seoul. The math trips of classmates like the actors turn into hell because of the cells that turn the infected into a ferocious figure when they come into contact...! Can Yeon-so escape Seoul safely?
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Chapters (4)

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Chapter 11
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Chapter 10
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Chapter 9
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Chapter 8
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