I did not need skills for unemployed heroes / 無職の英雄 別にスキルなんか要らなかったんだが / MUSHOKU NO EIYUU BETSU NI SKILL NANKA IRA NAKATTAN DAGA
Rank: 91721st, it has 1 monthly / 17.9K total views.
Authors: Shichio kuzu
Artists: Yumehito ueda
Genres: Seinen(M) , Shounen(B) , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Isekai
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: Japanese
Original work: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2018
"Occupation" given at the age of 10 and "the presence or absence of skills" greatly affect life. "Sword Princess" Fara and "Mage Dynasty" Leon's son, Ashel, will be stamped off as "unemployed" ... Even if you do not have jobs and skills, you can do your best. With that thought in mind, although it is Ashel that makes an effort.
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