Rank: 28868th, it has 64 monthly / 3.9K total views.
Authors: Bakdam
Genres: Webtoon , Josei(W) , Shoujo(G) , College life , Comedy , Full Color , Romance
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
Year of Release: 2022
One day, Gong Siru, who was losing interest in college life, had a pleasant campus life with the appearance of Seol Gibaek, a returning student. Shocked by Kibaek's ideal type, Siru takes her anger out with a drink and kisses someone present while drinking... A jumbled campus love story between Gong Siru who has a crush on Seol Gibaek, and Jo Chung, who becomes strangely connected to Gong Siru.
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Volume 1 Chapter 3
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