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If anyone reads jjk manga, DM me please 😭😭😭
✨✨every moment with you feels like a miracle like walking on water✨✨

Keeping it simple, please read
1. Please check the comment section or below the pics before asking for sauce
2. You can get the summaries/genre by searching the names of the manhwas on bato itself
3. Don't be a salty ass bitch for no reason and then expect me to answer. Sorry, I'm no saint 🤸🏽‍♀️

✨BE KIND, IT'S NOT THAT HARD ✨ remember I'm a human and not a bot.

*If I'm everywhere, you're everywhere too* 🌚🐣

Since I'm on pfp Changing spree, here's the sauces until Glenn comes back 🌚:

1. 19 days
2. The devil's temptation
3. Love shuttle
4. Stay with me
5. High clear
6. BJ Alex
7. Cry me a river
8. Steel under silk
9. Dear door
10. Checkmate

I suffer from second lead syndrome 90% of the time 🥲💔
Red flag blind if they have long/white hairs 🌚🔥

♦️Current obsession (this list will keep on changing 🌚)

🔸And Dark circles never looked so good (Pizza delivery guy and the gold palace) 🤩❤️‍🔥
🔸 More dominating Sangwoo from semantic error (between the lines)🥰🥰
🔸 Lord of crybaby dragon ( dawn of the dragon) 🥰🤩
-🔶 Tops
🔸 Where can I apply for such jobs? To bathe a sexy as fuck young master (Cry me a river) 🥵🔥
🔸Dumb horny stupid redhead (High clear) 😆🤩
🔸 Omega as a top, I repeat OMEGA AS THE TOP (Beta testing) ♥️🤩
🔸Grey haired red flag sunbae who makes me question my morals (Into the horizon) 🥵🥵

♦️Omegaverse is my favourite trope 💞

🔸Fav Alpha x Omega : Taehan x Doyun 🥰 (love shuttle)
🔸Alpha x Alpha : Jinwoo x Colton (Do you still like me) 🥵🤩
🔸Omegaverse baby - Euiyoung 🥺🥰


🔸Glenn McQueen 💙 (walk on water)
🔸Sa Dowon 💙 (full volume)

♦️Bottom -
🔸Karlyle (Define the relationship) 🥺🥰
🔸Valenti (will you subscribe)🥵🤩
🔸Jinwoo (do you still like me)🥺🥰

♦️Red flag - Taeju 🥵 (low tide in Twilight)

♦️Himbo - Felix 🥵🤩 (Dear Benjamin)

♦️Second lead- Alek 🤧 (The devil's temptation)

♦️ Precious baby love of my life - Jian 🥺🥰(19 days)

♦️First kiss- Black mirror 😚

♦️Character- Daeshik 😍(love so pure)

♦️Friends to lovers trope - Frenemies 🥵😉

♦️Favourite switch couple : Ethan x 🥵🥵

♦️Favourite cutie patotie - Eden & Max (pygmalion) 🥰🥰

♦️ Marriage proposal - You get me going 🤩💞 (most realistic one in BLs world I've ever read) 👨🏼‍❤️‍👨🏼

♦️ Petty bitches
🔸Salty ass bitch Angel (talk to me tenderly) 🌚🥵
🔸pretty boy minhyuk for whom I'm colorblind as fuck ( legs that won't walk)🥵🥵

♦️ I don't know where to place Cain (dear door) but he is very special, he has been my wallpaper 5 times 😆🤩 so he deserves a special separate place 💙
Monthly recommendations- (I'll add books which i feel like are underrated and I've enjoyed it a lot more than expected )

1. ✨ Give me back my dildo ✨ it's not the official name but it should have been. It's Chaos, pure Chaos 🤣🤣🤣 god i love this manhwa and it's unofficial name 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it's super funny 🤣 every chapter is a masterpiece 😁😁 also has a cute little dusty bun ✨ go read it right meow!!!!!

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