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Tentative Upload Schedule For Ongoing Series
Japanese Manga (volumes): On the same day or within a few days after release.
Chinese Manhua: Every 25 chapters if bi-weekly or every 10 chapters if weekly (every 3 months).
Korean Manhwa: Every 10 chapters (every 3 months).

Next Volume Releases:
Compulsive Gambler: Vol 17 - Sep 17
Tales of Wedding Rings: Vol 14 - Sep 17
Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One: Vol 11 - Sep 17
Yona of the Dawn: Vol 42 - Sep 3

Translation Quality Score For Official Releases
1) Abysmal: Not accurate. Not localised. Not proper english. Not fluid and cohesive. (Ex. Manhuaus MTLs)
2) Bad: Somewhat accurate. Not localised. Not proper english. Not fluid and cohesive. (Ex. Spirit Sword Sovereign)
3) Readable: Somewhat accurate. Rarely localised. Unsatisfactory degree of proper english. Sometimes fluid and cohesive. (Ex. Reborn As A Scholar)
4) Decent: Reasonably accurate. Sometimes localised. Acceptable degree of proper english. Sometimes not fluid and cohesive. (Ex. Release That Witch)
5) Good: Accurate. Mostly localised. Proper english. Fluid and cohesive. (Ex. Yona of the Dawn)
6) Phenomenal: Completely accurate. Localised. Proper english. Fluid and cohesive. Incredible literary quality. (Ex. Goblin Slayer)

Translation Quality (Uploaded Series)
A Returner's Magic Should Be Special: 4.5
Battle Through the Heavens: 4.5
Black Summoner: 5
Compulsive Gambler: 5.5
Cultivation Chat Group: 4.5 (1-483); 2 (484-latest)
D-Frag!: 5.5
Divine Star Martial Arts: 4
Dungeon Reset: 4.5
FFF-Class Trashero: 4.5
Girls of the Wild's: 4
Goblin Slayer: 6
God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!: 5.5
Hardcore Leveling Warrior: 3.5
I’m the Max-Level Newbie: 4.5
Space Brothers: 5
Spirit Sword Sovereign: 2
Tales of Demons and Gods: 4.5 (1-120; 141-155; 301-390); 3.5 (121-140; 156-230); 3 (230-300); 4 (391-latest)
Tales of Wedding Rings: 5
Tang Yin in Another World: 4.5
The Heroic Legend of Arslan: 5.5
The King's Avatar: 5
The Master of Martial Arts: 4
The Mythical Realm: ?
Versatile Mage: 4.5 (1-870); 3 (871-latest)
Yona of the Dawn: 5.5

Translation Quality (Other Bato Series)
Eminence in Shadow: 5.5
From Commonplace to World's Strongest: 5
How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom: 5.5
I Log In Alone: 3.5
Jobless Reincarnation: 4.5
One-Punch Man: 5.5
Reborn As A Scholar: 3.5
Release That Witch: 4
Skeleton Soldier Failed to Defend the Dungeon: 5.5
Solo Leveling: 5
The Game That I Came From: 2.5
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: 5.5
The Devil is a Part-Timer: 5
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: 4
Vinland Saga: 6

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