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Pfp is from Ushiro no Seki no Katou-kun: https://bato.to/series/88160/ushiro-no-seki-no-katou-kun
If you see one of my reviews being very recent, don't interact because I like to edit and add things after a few minutes; making it public just helps me put more thoughts into my useless brain, it's frustrating but only after posting do I realize stuff I want to add. I say don't interact because I don't want anyone to like something, that after my edits, they don't agree with anymore.
All this time I thought my library was completely public but it was private.... Have at it, guys.

Salmon-kun's hair is so nice.
For myself - I'm following:
RuttingRabbit (the username sure is something...)
Astra_The_King_Dicktinstin (all hail the king)
usual_hilichurl (sweetest)

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