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I'm a fan translator from Japanese to English. For some reason I thought translating from my fourth language to my second was a good idea. Most of the things I translate are rape smut, and if it not be rape smut it's some other dark and twisted thing.

People keep asking me this. But yes, I translate to British English, and yes, I translate Tokyo slang to London slang. And yes, Japanese fiction tends to use a lot of slang. Most translators translate slang to textbook English, so people often get the mistaken idea that Japanese has no slang which it very much does.

Feel free to give me recommendations if you think it's something I'd find worth scanlating. Though I should say that thusfar nothing recommended specifically for scanlation to me ever led to it as I have a list of potential candidates right now and things I can't really do due to time constraints. The paradox is also that I'm mostly searching for things to do that aren't the same as 50% of what I do, which would be “some female protagonist is raped by some male character and then falls in love with the latter.”

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