Please give me the pacifier
Rank: 552nd, it has 15.2K monthly / 124.8K total views.
Authors: 자은향 / Ja eunhyang
Genres: Shoujo , Fantasy , Full Color , Historical , Magic , Magical Girls , Reincarnation , Romance
Original language: Korean
Translated language: Indonesian
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2021
Betrayed by my most trusted companion, I was banished. I closed my eyes as I vowed for revenge, so how come I became the child of the Duke of the Empire of Heiron, which has been at odds with Cillophia? The problem was… “Abuu!” “Ah, it’s really annoying. Keep on biting your pacifier.” My eyes widened as I sucked on the pacifier in a reflex. ‘What did I just do?’ Has my brain been filled with water and ran off because of the pacifier? Even without the pacifier, I have completely become a newborn with a head full of flowers. This was the biggest stain in the life of the Sorceress Hella. ‘Since it has already become like this, then I’ll just steal some top secret and go back.’ I have to be unnoticed and covert! Today too, Celina’s been crawling desperately between the pillars and trees. “That… Whose child is that? Who’s taking care of the child like that?” An angry roar resounded behind her but it was none of Celina’s business.
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