Last Love Once More / Last Phase Love Law / Mo Shi Lian Ai Fa Ze / 末世恋爱法则
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Genres: Manhua , Josei(W) , Action , Drama , Dungeons , Full Color , Martial Arts , Military , Monsters , Reincarnation , Romance , Xianxia , Zombies
Original language: Chinese
Translated language: English
Mu Yiran, an orphan girl, died with hatred in the post-Apocalyptic era. After getting a rebirth by chance, she goes back to three days before Doomsday and changed her destiny. She has managed to deal with the mistress and the guy who two-timed her in this life. She has obtained a unique space used for cultivators/immortals and uses it to stock as many supplies as possible within a relic of a pendant. Still, accidentally, things never go as planned, she suddenly gained a stepdad, obtained a massive inheritance, and she offends the strongest Marshal of the post-Apocalyptic era known in China, Ling Changqing with his protagonist Aura as he starts to take an interest in her daily menacing events. "Girl, you have no way to run!" "Ah!! this pervert! why does he keep chasing me!!" The romantic story between the stone-faced icy Marshal and the girl who is an Immortal cultivator therefore now begins.
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