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Gather Around!
╰ ꒷ ︶˚₊ ୨: ‧₊ — Fellow Ikemen Simps — ₊˚ ˊ˗

﹕If you're looking for hot guys in series, then our group is the perfect place to summon yourself.
﹕Whether it's for the golden rule "To only do series' with handsome dudes, and handsome dudes again." or as a lost wanderer,
﹕We welcome all to join our big friendly fweaky family. We're an active server who game from time to time with our readers and staff members.

﹕If you want to join us as a staff member, then know that we're extremely lax with deadlines. Just that we have a sadistic leader. Now join us on our adventures to the land of craziness, saneness and having a full on identity crisis!

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Dorm 95!
Seven Years Later
Hate You 999 Times
Who's Mr. President?
Garden of the Dead Flowers
God's Palace
Heaven and Earth
Left Hand

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